TRIAC is working on capacity building of civil, public, sector, and individuals organizations following thematic areas:

  • Leadership – Under the leadership theme, we offer the following course:
    Leadership And Disability – Persons with disabilities are the most marginalized community of Pakistan. In order to mainstream them, it is important to build capacity of persons with disabilities as a leader. The concept of Leadership for persons with disabilities is of critical important as this subject is develops a social impact through inclusion and participation. It develops strong connection to contribute and reflect back to this segment of the society.
  • Disability Empowerment – Under this theme, TRIAC conducts trainings based on Disability Equality Training, Independent Living, Personal Support Mechanism, Legal Capacity, Social Protection for persons with disabilities, UNCRPD, Inclusive SDGs and
    Sign Language.
  • Gender Mainstreaming – Gender issues are among the most unheard subjects in different organizations. Top management of various organizations are unaware of gender mainstreaming and how to deal with gender issues. TRIAC builds capacities of organizations and individuals for gender inclusion and equality. Under this theme, we are offering trainings on Gender and Leadership, Gender based Violence, Women learning Program and Gender issues related to women with disabilities.
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