Under Research Portfolio, TRIAC provides analytical services based on
knowledge management and information management. This includes
Participatory Situation Analysis (PSA), Participatory Rural appraisals
(PRA), Rapid Rural Appraisals (RRA), Baselines, Market Studies,
Sectoral Reviews & Analysis, Knowledge Attitude, Practices Analysis
and District / Regional Profiling, etc.

TRIAC foresees this as the foundation service for the planning process
and has established verified expertise through its past history,
including execution of a multitude of surveys, researchs, reviews and
studies. TRIAC uses different softwares to provide clients with context
specific outputs in accordance with their needs i.e. Microsoft Excel,
SPSS, Cspro etc. Besides, the digitally synthesized data is used to
analyze the overall situation to provide the clients with the planning
directions. Data is evaluated and analyzed in a way that it provides a
very clear guideline for future perspective to the client.

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