Inclusive Voices is a digital plat form for persons with disabilities, and marginalized groups of our society, through which we share right based information regarding their disability rights. We have made different videos to highlight their issues and also about how they can cope all hindrances they face in the society. Currently we are using Facebook and you tube for our services, and in future we are in process of developing application for both  android & IOS. Our mission is to developed right based culture for right society where all persons with disabilities and marginalized group have information about their entitlements. Inclusive voices’ mission is to create a disabled  cultural democracy across public and private agencies that deliver services or support strategies. We are working tirelessly to advocate for simplified markets, to promote diversity and inclusion in corporate industry, and to practice global innovation using ICT , therefore  Inclusive Voices Incorporated works with organizations to integrate an Inter-Cultural Lens into their strategic plans, this information includes Education, Genders laws protection centers, employment quota, Government laws regarding disabilities, Benefits / facilities offered by Government, Information of special education centers, Information for assistive devices  and  Information for women’s rights.

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