Our Mission:
“Empowerment of marginalized groups through capacity building”

Our Vision:
“Inclusive society for all”

Training, Research, Inclusion and Capacity Building (TRIAC) is a private limited company working on the themes of inclusion, gender mainstreaming, disability rights, and youth development. From it’s early years of operation in 2017, the training wing now known as TRIAC has built the organizational and programmatic capacity of various Civil Society Representatives and organizations. Our mission is to provide value led, efficient, thorough and reliable technical and consultative solutions to our non-governmental, public and private sector clients at an affordable cost and in a courteous manner. TRIAC has initiated various services for the empowerment of persons with disabilities. The vision is to ensure optimum performance of partner organizations through efficient and effective services for their beneficiaries. With little experience in capacity building and institutional development TRIAC has worked with multilateral and bi-lateral organizations, international donors and NGOs, public and private sector organizations. TRIAC prides itself on its proven experience of community work and diagnostic abilities to identify root causes and prescribe solutions particularly through guidance, coaching, advice and consultative processes.


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